lorry potholes

Potholes Costing Lorry Drivers Thousands!

Haulage firms are being forced to shell out thousands of pounds to repair lorries damaged by potholes.

Safety is being compromised by broken surfaces all over the country with roads deteriorating following the severe winter weather.

One of our customers says his wagon’s suspension has been damaged three times in recent weeks after hitting deep craters.

Other parts of lorries that are suffering from poor road surfaces incude:

  • Tyres/Rims
  • Hubs/Bearings
  • Shockers/Springs/Air bags
  • Mounts/Bushes

Action is being taken to repair our roads but the ‘Beast from the East’ and bad weather all over the country has led to a huge rise in the number of potholes on Britain’s roads.

As a result the Government has created a £100 million repair fund, on top of previously announced initiatives, to help remedy the problem.

With 2.2 million potholes being repaired over the next 12 months, at a total cost of nearly £120 million, potholes are a big issue on our roads

Following calls from Local Authorities for extra cash to repair potholes, a £250 million ‘pothole action fund’ was announced in last year’s Budget, and local councils will receive a total of £50m each year for the next five years to help pay for the repair of more than four million potholes.

At James Hart Chorley we have seen a rise in the demand for repairs/parts due to pothole damage.

If you’ve suffered any damage or your safety has been compromised as a direct result of potholes we’d like to hear about it, so please drop us a line and join us in keeping pressure on the government to press forward with these necessary repairs.