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8 Point Check-List When Buying A Truck

Here at James Hart Chiorley, we are specialists in HGV Commercial Vehicle Sales, that’s why we P1030996always ensure our customers know exactly what to look out for! With our 8 point check-list, we give you an insight into the key points you need to consider when buying a truck.

  1. Wherever possible, always arrange to view the truck in daylight hours. If this is not possible, checking in a well-lit workshop is preferable, especially on level ground to check the fluid levels!
  2. Ensure the truck you are viewing is the one advertised. Sounds simple however, we hear stories of people viewing trucks that are not the ones that have been advertised. Sometimes it may be that you are going to view one of a choice of the same thing, always ask the question first!
  3. Prior to viewing or considering to buy, think about the deal you want. Trucks can be bought at the lowest possible cost, a lot lower than the original asking price, as a trade sale, or, at the asking price with things like servicing, inspection and warranty provided. Make sure you and the seller are clear as to how the truck will be purchased.
  4. If it is not a trade sale, does the truck come inspected prior to collection/delivery? We at James Hart Chorley Ltd, inspect all of our trucks prior to collection and delivery!
  5. Inevitably, used trucks will probably have some defects. Make sure you agree with the dealer as to what is repairaed or replaced etc, make sure all the defects completed to your satisfaction?
  6. Used trucks will more than likely have some parts replaced or paintwork done over time, check that this has been completed to a satisfactory standard.
  7. Is all the paperwork available? V5 Documents, M.O.T and Plating Certificate.
  8. Finally, make sure you have a brew if you want one!

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