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Is Your Vehicle Cool?

With the hottest time of year upon us, we have seen the usual spike in demand for fridge trucks. Some operators can manage in the colder months without actually using the fridge engine, as it’s cool enough in the body without chilling. Now the food industry is heavily monitored and with concerns over bacteria growth, there aren’t many food related carriers that do not require temperature controlled vehicles. Inevitably, when the fridges start to be used after little winter use, they can give problems and hence the operator may look for a replacement vehicle instead of spending money on older vehicles that are close to the end of their life.


We often get asked about the options with fridge trucks and the main choices are an independent fridge motor (with its own engine) or a direct drive that runs off a pump fitted to the truck engine. The advantage of an independent motor is they are able to pull down the temperature quicker and they go down further in temperature. However, the units are heavier, which affects payload especially on 7.5 tonne vehicles. Generally direct drive units require less maintenance because no diesel is required to run them, which saves cost, they are also lighter and quieter than an independent.


Most vehicles now have the option to run the refrigeration unit on mains electric as well, typically this will be used when the vehicle is stood loaded at the depot. Not all units have this option so make sure the vehicle you are looking at has the required spec.

Although the specification on fridge trucks can vary massively, we carry a good stock of different sizes and weights in used trucks from 7.5 tonne to 26 tonne, and we have access to a wide network if we don’t quite have the one you are looking for.

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Ultra Low Emission Zone Raises Costs Further – Now’s The Time To Buy!

As many people know, there is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in place around London that requires trucks entering the area, to be up to a minimum exhaust emission standard of Euro4 or face big fines. From April 2019 there will also be a new zone created within the centre of London, in the same area as the Congestion Charge zone.

The new sector will be called the ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ (ULEZ) and the requirements to enter will be Euro6 exhaust emissions. Now, the vast majority of trucks on the road and the customers we sell to will never go into either of these zones. However, there’s a lot of talk in government and local authorities that cities like Manchester will also follow suit and introduce their own LEZ of some sort.

What standard these zones will be, whether its Euro5 or Euro6 is unknown. This uncertainty is having a massive impact on used vehicle prices. Buyers do not want to update a vehicle if they’re going to have to replace it again in a short timescale.

As a result we are seeing some, mainly common spec Euro5 and older trucks dropping quite steadily in price, while the same truck in a Euro6 spec is very much holding its value and in some instances going up!

Something needs to be done to clear this up, we have a right to know whether these zones will be introduced or not. In the meantime if you don’t need a Euro6 specification truck and are thinking of replacing a vehicle, now is the time to buy.

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